Underwater Painting, an Aquatic Art

Did you ever think you’d see someone in full diving gear painting underwater? Who would have ever guessed! This fantasy has become a reality For Black Sea artists.
 Members of the Ukrainian national underwater painting school were each given 40 minutes to complete their masterpieces. Painting is usually thought of a relaxing and personal activity for an artist, with all the time in the world to complete a work; on the contrary, our scuba artists have no time to spare: it would imperil their lives.

 This unusual group of painters, all certified divers, operate at depths of between 2 and 20  metres. Before diving, their canvasses are given a waterproof adhesive layer. They are then free to decide the depth at which they choose to work: a determining factor for the final results, seeing as the deeper they go the more colour is lost.

 The underwater world is a surprising, multicoloured place, allowing artists to express their “deep” feelings and sensations. Some of the works were shown last year at the Swallow’s Nest Castle, near Yalta: one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in The Ukraine.


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