Last Summer I Saw a Diver Die

Until 2023, I was among those divers who had never witnessed a severe incident in scuba diving. Certainly, I've encountered challenging dives, including a few...

27 February 2024

Dive Expo, Belgium’s new Rec-to-Tec show

We report on the first edition of this new initiative in the Belgian and international diving scene. Exploration, science, freediving, UW photography and cinematography, legendary wrecks...

14 December 2023
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Greetings Tekkies and Dive Professionals, we have a rich content-packed July issue for you. Dive into Malta Mania for some techie wrecky. Engage with THE TALKS: Chapter #1—Cave Diving Nomads by Stratis Kas. Gearhead Gabriel Pineda asks Are We Ready for High-speed UW Wireless Connectivity? Dr. Doug Ebersole explains the need for Cardiac Health Surveillance for Divers . Inspiration anyone? See Scuba as School: The Story of Aquatic Wonderkind Braeden Burt by Tara Burt. Explore Diving The SS Burdigala: An Elegant Mediterranean Wreck with Andrea Murdock Alpini and be sure to check out: Exploring Cenote Yaakun—the Yucatan’s New Deep Cave—it’s 100 m deep! Thank you Skanda Coffield-Feith.

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