How do I Access the Alert Diver magazine?

All users can freely access the online magazine contents. This is our way to make important medical and safety information available to the whole diving community.

How do I get updates from Alert Diver?

Just register to the DAN website and receive our monthly newsletters, right to your in-box, with the latests articles and features. If you are an active DAN Europe Member, you automatically receive monthly updates as part of your membership benefits.

How do I find out if AlertDiver.eu covers a specific topic? How do I access past articles?

AlertDiver.eu has a huge content archive, referring to dive medicine, research, training, insurance and legal-related issues, underwater photography and more. You can easily search information by using the search engine on top of the home page; just type your keywords and we will find the right article for you.


Technical Issues

I’m a registered user but I forgot my password. Now what?

You can retrieve your password by following the procedure on the log-in page. If you need further assistance, please send an email to our tech team.

Why should I always use an upgraded version of my Browser?

AlertDiver.eu supports the most common browsers on the web, including mobile. For a better online experience, though, make sure you are using the most up-to-date versions, as this may affect availability of some features, page load speed and security. If you upgraded your browser but still experience problems, send an email to our tech team.

Is your website safe?

AlertDiver.eu is fully compliant with the latest security standards. In order to enable TLS, follow the steps indicated in our tutorial.



How can I write for AlertDiver.eu?

You can either submit articles or send us messages: get to know how on contact us.

Where can I get permissions to use or reproduce an article or photograph?

To request permission, please contact us.



How can I advertise with AlertDiver.eu?

For advertising opportunities on Alert Diver, please write to [email protected]

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