DAN DSL has Solid Bases

Conceived as a center for field research, DAN Europe Diving Safety Laboratory (DSL), which has always been mobile in nature, is now adding stationary DAN DSL Bases. This is welcome news for those divers interested in actively contributing to the progress of scientific studies on diving safety.

 DAN DSL Bases provide, first and foremost, a local point of reference for all divers who want to get directly involved in research initiatives. They are also centres for the planning of DAN Research courses, providing the necessary assistance for gathering data through the use of various technical and logistic sources:

  • Information on DAN Research courses and research protocols
  • Practical training in every region through the use of specific forms and procedures, Doppler units, interfaces for underwater computers, sending data to the DAN Europe Research database
  • Refresher courses

How to become a DAN Research Base

 To become a DAN DSL Base, you must operate a diving club that is a registered business partner of DAN Europe,with a technical expert in research on staff, who is a qualified DAN Research Specialist. It is also essential to have the necessary tools for teaching and research: monitors or a video projector, internet connection, tables and chairs. These materials are provided gratuitously by DAN. For more information, visit the DAN DSL Base web page.

 What the DAN research Bases do

 All bases, using their internal resources or in collaboration with diving clubs, can organise field research laboratories aimed at gathering data. If the base manager is a DAN Research Advanced Specialist, advanced research events with the ARK (Advanced Research Kit) may also be organised. There are now several bases in Italy, Switzerland, and Austria; others will open in the next few months in Belgium, Portugal, and Egypt. For further information and/ or if you’d like to apply for a DAN DSL Base qualification, contact Elisabetta Pisciotti, DAN Europe Research Department, at:

[email protected]



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