Underwater dancing, the first steps

Tanks, weights, snorkels and deep pools… not the ideal equipment and place for dancing, but there are those driven by their love for both diving and dancing who have wanted to also experiment its possibilities. After wedding ceremonies and the two-seated scooter, now we have a new sport dance on our hands, the latest curiosity in the diving world.

A unique experiment in the world: there is no record of any other similar feats which have nothing to do with the aerial choreographies of synchronised swimming.

Our protagonists are also unusual: two adolescent brothers, Angelo and Cristiana Serena, respectively 15 and 14. They are athletes and registered divers (they got their diving diplomas in 2010) as well as being champions in Sport Dance. Last September, the two diving dancers performed a true and proper underwater rumba, three metres deep in a Rome pool. Five minutes of lifts, torsions, spins and typical rumba steps, hindered by the difficulty in falling and maintaining position and in concentrating on the music being played through the speakers.
They prepared for the feat with dedicated training on the dance floor and in the pool, here using 7 kg and 200 atmosphere rebreathers with 3 and 5 kg weights. Naturally they wore appropriate costumes for the occasion: an elegant black diving suit for him and a radiant fuchsia outfit for her.


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