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The 10 Safety Rules

1. Attend diving courses, BLS, First Aid with Oxygen as well as upgrade courses with qualified instructors.2. Undergo annual diving medical examinations (even after illness...

15 May 2013

Underwater Bicycle

Soon, exploring seabeds will be easier than going for a bike ride: Saint Petersburg researchers have invented the first “underwater bicycle,” entirely pedal-powered.Modern tourist submarines...

15 October 2012

A Traumatic Slip

The protagonist of our “success story” is a 30-year-old diving instructor who traveled to Thailand, a renowned paradise for lovers of marine and underwater environments....

15 July 2012

PFO for Dummies

Welcome to the first edition of a new light-hearted column in our magazine, by Claudio Di Manao, a writer, expert diving instructor and long-time DAN...

15 July 2012

Buddy diving and DCS

A dive in the clear waters of the upper Adriatic to explore submerged relics: this was the enticing plan of four Hungarian friends who last...

15 April 2012

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