Helene-Julie Zofia Paamand

My name is Helene-Julie Zofia Paamand but I also named myself an underwater ambassador. I started diving in 2007 when I was living in Egypt. During my time there, I became a diving instructor, which also took me to Mexico and later the Philippines.

After teaching diving full time for 3 years, the glory of life as a dive instructor started to fade, and I felt I needed to stop while I was still passionate about the underwater World. I wanted to find different ways to bring this passion alive in others. I started underwater photography in order to share the magic I witnessed. Naturally, I also saw the flip side of modern human society and the leftovers of our privileged lives underwater. This changed what I photograph, how I dive and my lifestyle. My experiences turn into stories that I share through my photography and presentations I give at schools.

I aim to engage divers as well as non-divers towards a lifestyle that will keep our ocean healthy – not only for us, but for all the animals we share the Planet with. We have to protect what we are made of, where we come from and what we are 100% dependent on – THE OCEAN.

I still teach private courses and take courses myself to become a better and more aware diver. And all this is to widen the corps of underwater ambassadors.

Join me on Instagram: @underwaterambassador and visit my online gallery on underwaterambassador.com/

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