Jenn Thomson

Jenn Thomson is the 2022-2023 NextGeneration Scholar for Global Underwater Explorers – currently on a global mission to highlight the roles that recreational scuba can play in scientific operations – and to provide inspiration for young upcoming divers! She is also a scientific diver, illustrator, and diverse field researcher specialising in the exploration of extreme environments. In 2022, she lived in Saudi Arabia for a year, and spent 5 months on an at-sea mission aboard the OceanXplorer, working as a logistic coordinator and expedition scientist on the eDNA, deep-sea coral, and megafauna teams. As an ambassador for sea-to-space company Blue Abyss, Jenn is helping to create a network of next-generation extreme environment, R&D and training centres around the world. She has radio-tracked everything from elephant shrews to elephants. 

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