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Sea Lion Bite

The Diver The diver was a 67-year-old male with 35 years of diving experience. The Incident Early one afternoon near La Paz, Mexico, at Los Islotes, a popular...

18 August 2016

Weight Up!

Early in dive training, students learn that there are three elements involved in buoyancy control: the buoyancy compensator (BC), weights and lung volume. Although most...

28 June 2015

Coming to Grips with Symptoms

The DiverThe diver was an experienced, 43-year-old female with more than 150 lifetime dives. She was reportedly healthy and reasonably fit, and she denied taking...

23 July 2014

Recognition is Essential

The DiverThe diver was an experienced 48-year-old female with more than 300 lifetime dives. Her medical history included hypertension that was well controlled with a...

01 July 2014

Stop the Drops!

 Ear and sinus injuries are the most common complaints among student and newer divers.Frequently divers surface complaining of a sensation of fullness in their ear(s)....

22 May 2014

You Can Still Get That?

Part of the allure of dive travel is the opportunity to enjoy unique environments both above and below the water. Exotic locations entice us with...

01 December 2013

Coming up short

As DAN Members you know that DAN continuously gathers data on dive injuries. A small, but growing, number of cases reported to DAN involves what...

15 January 2013

Double Trouble

The DiverThis 43-year-old male is a divemaster with additional diving specialty certifications. He is in good physical shape with no significant medical history and no...

15 July 2010

Test Your Knowledge

INCIDENT 1The Diver This 42-year-old man has been a certified diver since 1992. In that time, he made more than 80 dives, completing 11 over the...

15 April 2010

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