Don’t get lost: the quiz!

Getting lost or left behind at sea is probably one of the scariest situations a diver can face. It is not a common situation, but when it happens, you want to be prepared. Learn more about how to prevent such incidents, and how to react in case of emergency. Then test your knowledge with our quiz!

Reasons why divers get lost include:

True or False: Using too much weight or having a poor physical condition might make it impossible to swim back to the exit point, even with slight waves or little current, increasing the possibility of getting lost.

True or False: Wearing bright pieces of equipment (for example yellow, green or orange) will increase the contrast between you and the surface, making it easier to be spotted from a distance.

True or False: A DSMB is brightly coloured and sticks out of the water, making it a good tool to have with you in a lost diver situation, but does not guarantee to be found.

What is a Rescue Streamer?

Which of the following visual and audible safety tools do not work if the dive cylinder is empty?

Which safety tool (also) increases chances of getting found when searching for a missed diver from a helicopter?

How does a Personal Location Beacon (PLB) helps a diver in getting found again?

How does the Nautilus Lifeline work?

How does the ENOS system work?


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