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10 most-read articles of 2017 on Alert Diver

Here is a look back at our most popular pieces of the past twelve months. It’s a diversified collection, from practical tips to inspiring writing about the underwater world.

The balance is composed of mission-related pieces, such as expert opinion about drugs and medical issues, or safety devices and how to use them. The article on Flying after diving continued to grip everyone’s attention, so it’s again the most-read piece of the year.

To all our readers: Thank You for coming back again and again to our articles, making 2017 the most successful year of this young online magazine with old roots.

If you’re not a loyal Alert Diver reader, we hope you’ll become one in 2018. A good way to stay up-to-date is sign up to our newsletter, by simply registering on the DAN website or joining DAN.

Here’s to another great year… DAN will be, as always, by your side!

10. 12 little pleasures of diving

And you, what do you love most about diving? Read more

9. Observing the underwater world, in complete safety

Young divers: characteristics, fitness to dive, and some golden rules to stay on the safe side. Read more

8. How to Transport a Scuba Tank – Rules to Comply With

Scuba tank transportation requires a series of rules and regulations to follow. Here are some useful information you might find interesting. Read more

7. Diving with diabetes: guidelines and latest research

If you are thinking about diving with diabetes, or know someone who is, take a moment to go through our recommendations. Read more

6. Scuba and free diving on the same day: our guidelines

You probably know that freediving and scuba don’t really mix. But to what extent, and why? Here are our guidelines. Read more

5. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction in Diving

It is not uncommon for divers to complain of pain or tenderness in the jaw, headache or aching facial pain after diving. Learn how to prevent such issues. Read more

4. Lost at sea? Increase your chances in getting found again

Better safe than sorry. Here is a list of useful devices to help you increase chances in getting found again, in case you’re left behind in open water. Read more

3. Which Delayed Surface Marker Buoy should I choose?

Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, bi-coloured… What is the right one? Read more

2. Marijuana and Fitness to Dive: the Experts’ Opinion

Marijuana, or cannabis, is one of the most commonly used recreational drugs in the world. But what is its relationship with diving? Read more

1. Flying After Diving: Finally, the Facts (Not Just Theory)

How long should I wait before flying after diving? Here you find the most scientifically up-to-date information our researchers can provide. Read more


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