DAN and the Changing Oceans Expedition: friends with a purpose

DAN Europe is proud to be friends with the Changing Oceans Expedition, a ten-year adventure through the world’s most important marine eco-regions, to bring the world the latest update information on the state of our oceans.

The expedition will develop new ways of exploring and studying the oceans while fully share these discoveries, day by day, moment by moment, through the new interactive media of the internet generation.

The project aims to establish the status of key marine ecosystems and specific locations around the world. These snap shots, based on various studies and observations, will give scientists a reference for future research.

Medicine, biodiversity, ecology, climatology, marine archaeology – whatever their field of study, scientists will carry out specificresearch to understand what is happening in a given marine area or gather data over long stretches to look at whole marine systems and species.

The expedition also has a wide range of contributors, ready to lend a hand where specific skills and knowledge are most needed, and DAN Europe is happy to be among them.

DAN has donated to the friends of the Changing Oceans crew a Doppler Ultrasound Device and a Dive Data Recorder. These tools will let them detect and register bubbles moving in the blood vessels after their dives. The detection of bubbles will be made according to the DAN DSL (Diving Safety Laboratory) standards. The DSL will collect the data and use these information to update the Research database.




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