In memoriam of Patrick Musimu

The world of freediving and diving in general mourns the death of Patrick Musimu. Patrick was an exceptional and inspirational sportsman, first man to dive beyond the barrier of 200m on a single breath of air and the only human
being doing this without any artificial breathing artifact.
People who met him appreciated his great human and professional qualities. For our part, we are honored we could collaborate with him on several research projects lead by DAN Research. He wanted to help us make this wonderful sport even safer. This issue of Alert Diver magazine is dedicated to Patrick.

“Quoting his wife Isabel: ‘Patrick was a diamond, such a pure diamond, so bright that nothing compares to it’.
I can witness of such a bright spirit, such a deep thinking mind that could be found in Patrick, all this covered, maybe protected by a reserved attitude.
We had long discussions on breath-hold physiology with real mutual respect. His master in physiotherapy was of great interest for his quest of understanding. We discussed very often of the known problems of ears compensation experienced by breath hold divers that wish to go deeper than 90 meters, like the ‘mouth fill’, sinus flooding, middle ear and sinus flooding, and of course we end out to prove it by means of Magnetic Resonance Imagery (MRI) and a scientific report . He participated in several scientific works with DAN Research as a member of the DAN Europe Apnea Task Force, always ready, always enthusiast, always taking a real part in the scientific work redaction (1) It is said that a SCUBA diver goes into the sea to look around… In contrast a breath-hold diver goes underwater to look inside of himself…
I understand why… In your case the more interesting part was the inner one, and this part was the deepest as well. One can measure a man’s worth by looking at what he has left after him. You already did a lot to help others, but to respect your discretion I will just mention one thing: your support to an organisation serving youth on the street, and the youth centre in Kinshasa that you helped build and that will hold your name.

I can positively say that in your case, the diamond is gone but the brightness of his glow will stay forever and will encourage Isabel and your 6 years old  daughter Maeva.
Your friend ‘Prof’, Costantino Balestra “

(Vice-President Research & Education – Area Director DAN Europe Benelux & France)

The news of Patrick’s passing is shocking and of enormous regret to me personally for a couple of reasons.
I had initially met him through an ordinary phone conversation because of some DAN administration and I had immediately detected a genuine individual who I knew was catapulted to world fame for his incredible underwater feats but yet was quite surprised by his simple down to earth humility after talking with him. I greatly admired that trait in him. He died as he lived!
Patrick I can only wish that you are still pursuing your dreams and extending your limitations in the next phase you find yourself”

(Michael, Membership Dept.)
“I first met Patrick in Milan, 2007,introduced by a common friend, Prof. Balestra of DAN Research. I was so excited to finally get to know the famous freediver…He proved to be one of the most kind, friendly and lovely person I’ve ever met. I just want to hug all his family and say stay strong through these hard times.
Good-bye my friend…”

(Francesca, Research Division)
“Dear Patrick,
we will keep you close within our hearts, together with your unparalleled passion, lifestyle and personality Adieu champion!”

(Massimo Pieri, Danilo Cialoni, Research Division)
“I did not have the opportunity to meet Patrick personally , but we had exchanged some emails in the past, on the occasion of my curiosity about his peculiar method of compensation. Rest in peace. I’m keeping his memory and his words: – ‘Nothing is absolute. Redefine concepts, redefine yourself. Barriers are in your mind. Accept No Limits!’ ”
(Ramon Verdaguer, DAN Trainer and Research Technician)


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