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Our 10 most popular articles from 2016

As 2017 looms on the horizon, we took a look back at the most popular stories on in 2016. Medical tips and contents focused on diving safety are still at the heart of the official DAN magazine. A few new trends emerged too, with new articles dealing with discovery and useful briefings on top dive destinations, and quizzes, where we tested your knowledge and stimulated your curiosity. All pieces featured safety tips, staying true to DAN’s mission. Several articles in this list are amongst our longer offerings, suggesting that you took the time to read them through.

Here’s to another successful year… DAN will be, as always, at your side!

1. Nitrogen Narcosis: the Test

Are you a deep diver? Do you love challenges? Do you like nitrogen? Take this short test to find out what kind of diver you are. (…)

 2. Cult Dive: Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island

This site is located in the Malaysian Borneo, off the famous Island of Sipadan in the Celebes Sea; a magic and captivating place that Jacques Cousteau, exactly 50 years ago, described as a unique and intact work of art! (…)

 3. Why go underwater

Divers move in an environment that is different from the one for which human beings were designed. To be able to do so, they have gathered specific knowledge, enhanced technologies, and developed new techniques, increasingly easier and safer. (…)

 4. Scuba diving tourism is being underestimated

Weak links between divers and local communities, governance issues and lack of support from authorities and the scientific community – these emerged during the Green Bubbles project (…)

 5. Flying After Diving: Finally, the Facts (Not Just Theory)

We have seen what comes before, what goes on during, and now… there will be a “what happens after.” In the realm of post-dive flights, DAN’s “Flying bubbles” project marks the divide between theory and fact. (…)

 6. Sea Lion Bite

Early one afternoon near La Paz, Mexico, at Los Islotes, a popular dive site and sea lion rookery, a sea lion bit the diver on the stomach. (…)

 7. Cult Dive: the Thistlegorm

In The Silent World, by Louis Malle, Captain Albert Falco dives for the first time ever on a wreck sunk in the Red Sea during World War II, and the shot of the ship’s bell with the name Thistlegorm becomes instantly legendary. (…)

 8. Eustachian tube dysfunction: the treatment with Balloon Tuboplasty

Eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD) is a common clinical condition of the middle ear that can affect patients of all ages. (…)

 9. 5 tips to avoid accidents on dive boats

Boat diving can be so much fun – but, unfortunately, dive boats can also be injury-prone places. (…)

10. Dive Safety Myths and Misconceptions

True or False: Diving is a good cardiovascular workout… (Plus 9 more questions on Dive Safety Myths and Misconceptions). Take the test!


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