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14 mind-blowing underwater scenes from Coldplay’s Up&Up

The new Coldplay video for Up & Up, from their A Head Full Of Dreams album, is composed by a set of 69 imaginative, symbolic, surprising and mind-blowing scenes.  Many of them have to do with the underwater world, so we had fun spotting and listing them below. The video is also a powerful reflection on social and environmental issues. Enjoy!

  1. Sea turtle flying through tube station

  2. Synchronized swimmers in teacup

  3. Person jumping  into water off  tortoise head 

  4. Lady swimming in the sky

  5. Bald eagle flying underwater

  6. Manta ray flying close to surfers

  7. Submarine-rider 

  8. Children walking through banks of fishes

  9. Eagle flying underwater (encore)

  10. Colourful upside-down city hanging above sea

  11. Scuba diver finning alongside flying airplane

  12. Elephant seals swimming above the city

  13. Girls swimming in washing machine

  14. Lady diving into clouds 

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