Medical Questions

Contraceptives and diving

I would like some information regarding the best contraceptive method to use, more compatible with diving. I am oriented towards the copper-based intrauterine device (IUD), which does not involve taking hormones.

Answer from DAN experts: 

At present, there are no medical indications that favor one contraceptive method over another with regard to being exposed to decompression stress. There are no clinical trials or data on the IUD, however I do not see any particular contraindications with regard to its use while diving. As a rule, if no side effects or a documented greater individual risk of thrombotic events are present (but this would also affect the prescription of the contraceptive), also the use of oral contraceptives does not have any contraindications connected to diving. This said, the practice of choosing more conservative dive profiles is strongly advised (dives without decompression stops, no more than two dives a day, maximum depth within 30 meters, bottom time within 70-75% of the maximum limit, possible use of Nitrox with dive times calculated for air).

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Medical Questions

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