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Deeds, not words: our roadmap for cleaner Oceans

Those who love The Ocean treat it with the care and respect it deserves on a daily basis. However, celebrating a World Oceans Day allows us to generate focused awareness, reflect and propose solutions to protect marine life.

As a tribute to the protagonist of the day—and of everyday—we would like to mention what DAN Europe has done to take care of it during 2021 and what the plans are to continue to do so through 2022. 

Hopefully this will increase the spirit of collaboration, so that together we can ensure a healthy ocean for generations to come.


Bye bye, plastics! >> At the end of 2020 we stopped printing and sending out plastic Membership cards. We have not only switched to the digital alternative through the development of the DAN Europe App, but from 2021 we have set the goal of becoming a technology-driven organisation.

This has allowed us to:

  1. Avoid the production of more than half a tonne of plastic every year, that could end up in the environment 

  2. Save more than 180 tonnes of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere for the production and delivery of the cards

The first Sustainable Tour in the diving community >> In the summer of 2021, we launched a pan-European Ocean Conservation Initiative. 

To raise awareness of the strong link between Climate Change and Ocean Acidification, DAN Europe Ambassadors travelled across Europe in an electric vehicle, recharging it only with renewable energy, meeting with stakeholders and the entire diving community to —literally— drive the change we all need.

The results: 

  • 70+ meetings with sustainable change leaders
    • 30+ private companies
    • 30+ diving centres & clubs
    • 15+ associations working for Ocean Conservation and Sustainable Mobility
  • 40+ press mentions in seven different languages
  • 33 blogs
  • 15 Instagram (IG) Lives
  • 5 lectures: marine conservation
  • 5 Live interviews for the diving industry media
  • 1 Podcast: Hyundai “Are we there yet”

You can find all the details in the Sustainable Tour Diary.

MPA-Engage Project and Climate Change Conferences >> In 2021, in cooperation with the MPAs (Marine Protected Areas) of Portofino, Asinara, La Maddalena, Ustica, Brijuni in Croatia and others, PADI & DAN organised a new "Climate Change Day" Tour with the aim to involve recreational divers in collecting climate change data through citizen science by obtaining the "PADI/DAN Basic Research Diver" certification.

The European Project MPA-ENGAGE focuses on supporting Mediterranean MPAs to mitigate and adapt to the ongoing effects of climate change in the Mediterranean Sea. 


“Knowing how critically threatened marine ecosystems are, we cannot talk about diving safety if we do not speak about ocean safety too.”


Today: 10 minutes underwater for Climate Change >> The Climate Change Days project carried out on Elba Island for World Ocean Day involves divers in scientific research. 

Organised by DAN Europe and PADI, as part of the wider European project MPA-ENGAGE, which studies the effects of Climate Change in the Mediterranean.

In its third and final edition, on the occasion of World Ocean Day 2022, divers will have to spend ten minutes of their dive time investigating the marine fauna of two routes, counting fish of the selected species and marking the data on a waterproof slate that will be handed out to the participants. The results of the underwater observations will be uploaded to the shared map of the open source platform Observadores del Mar (Observers of the Sea), specifying the dive site.

This summer 2022: let's keep driving for ocean conservation >> The Sustainable Tour returns, and this time it is UK and Ireland's turn. DAN Europe Ambassadors will tour the entire territory, visiting some 50 dive centres in the area.

The programme will include:

  1. Conferences: “The link between Climate Change and Ocean Acidification”
  2. Special activity with prizes: “DAN Europe by the sea contest”
  3. Dedicated Events: Medical Research while Diving Against Debris

In the coming years >> In order to minimise the Organisation's impact on the environment as a result of its operations, we have established a Sustainability Strategy for the period 2022-2032.

We have charted a path to become a more sustainable organisation internally, and involve our staff in these green initiatives.

The role of DAN Europe in Ocean Protection

DAN Europe exists to assist and protect all divers through the most extensive and reliable network of diving physicians worldwide. We offer the community numerous pioneering services, including the first-ever insurance designed specifically for divers. 

Diving safety is our motto. 

Nowadays, knowing how critically threatened marine ecosystems are, we cannot talk about diving safety if we do not speak about ocean safety too.

If we do nothing, letting CO2 levels continue rising, by 2050 most coral systems in our oceans will be gone. Divers will no longer find any of the wonders shown by Captain Cousteau, and if no one wants to dive any more, even our very existence as an organisation which cares for divers would be pointless.

We recognise the unique beauty and fragility of the Blue Planet, and act as ambassadors for more sustainable practices within the diving community.

To help us continue protecting divers and marine ecosystems, you can donate or join DAN Europe today.

Banner image: DAN Europe team diving in the MPA of Portofino, Italy May 2022

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