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Greetings Proud Tekkies and Dive Professionals, we have a particularly depth-full issue this Pride month beginning with From Diver to Filmmaker: Carolin Negrin’s Underwonder Odyssey with Stratis Kas. Rebreather trainer Paul Hayes explains Counterlung Configurations and their Impact on Diver Safety & Performance. Public safety instructor Wally Endres and Christina Tamburri ask How Current are Your Rescue Skills? Ben Hellwarth regales us with tales of the first American aquanauts in Remembering SeaLab I. Educator Jeff Bozanic argues that our current ISO rebreather training standards are all wrong in Rebreather Training: Are We Certifying Ourselves into Extinction? We take another rebreather deep dive and Meet Scuba Force’s SF2. And GUE’s Kirill Egorov goes “side” in When Sidemount Becomes the Solution.

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