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Greetings Tekkies and Dive pros, Have we got an issue for you. Thinking about deep diving? Check out InDEPTH’s Helium Outlook for 2024 with details on pricing and availability. We hear from push divers at Karst Underwater Research about their Journey Into Bailout Rebreathers. Check out Stratis Kas’s report, It’s About Time—The Advantages of Using Rebreather in Caves based on 500+ responses to a CCR survey. Former wrecker Alex Brylske asks, Are You A Culturally Responsible Diver or a Reckless One? Factory trainer David Gration waxes poetic in Grokking Lungfish Orca V6, the new breather on the block! Bill High reports on the Origins of Science Diving in the US. Cave explorer Bill Stone offers up his recollections in Remembering Dr. John Zumrick (1946-2021) and Pete Mesley mesmerizes us with his shipwreck light painting in LUST4LIGHT. Are you ready? Dive into the February Issue of InDEPTH!

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