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Renal colic and diving

Approximately two months ago, even if I had never suffered from kidney problems before, I had a renal colic, which was temporarily taken care of with intramuscular injections and muscle relaxants. The medical tests I had, showed nothing of concern involving kidneys, ureter, or bladder. Incidentally, every time I went diving I had another colic (after approximately 24 hours), regardless of the depth I reached, until I had up to 5/6 episodes in two months. Is it possible that these episodes are caused by my diving activity? Should I follow some kind of precautionary measure either before or after the dives? I will have to have more in depth medical tests, since the pain spreads towards the groin and scrotal area. Your medical advice would help me understand how to orient myself in the best possible way.

Answer from DAN experts: 

While it is not likely that diving is the cause of your kidney problem, it is possible for it to encourage some of its signs, both for a certain stress from being exposed to an unusual environment, as well as for the fact that diving can cause dehydration, which, as they have probably told you, is something to avoid when you suffer from kidney stones. Usually, until your clinical condition has not stabilized, nephrolithiasis is considered as a temporary contraindication. In case you do go diving, it is even more important than normal to stay hydrated.

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Medical Questions

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