A rare and precious contribution for DAN Research

In 2010, Rogier Guns, Global Change Manager at Philips as well as a diver, DAN member and former student of many of our diving courses, published a book “Zacht Veranderen” based on his experiences in change management.

A year before the publication of his book, Rogier had already decided that he would like to donate a part of the earnings toward charity. Having knowledge and appreciation of the work of DAN, he sent us an email, asking about the possibility of donating to our Research Division.

His desire to help DAN further sustain scientific research for divers’ health and safety is presented in the opening page of his book where he explains the reasons for his decision to donate to us.

Having just received a percentage of his first royalty, we here at DAN, would like to thank Rogier Guns for his commitment and contribution.

If you too have an interest in the work of DAN, and are thinking to make a donation to help sustain research in the field of diving, please contact our Research Department at [email protected]


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