Medical Questions

In water recompression

In the absence of a recompression chamber, does DAN recommend treating a "bent" diver with in-water recompression?Answer from DAN experts: DAN does not recommend that symptomatic...

19 July 2016
Medical Questions

Lionfish sting

Last week I got a saltwater aquarium with an anemone and a small lionfish. I saw the lionfish swimming through the anemone and thought it...

24 June 2016
Medical Questions


I understand that feeling tired after a dive may be a symptom of decompression sickness, but I almost always feel tired after diving. Should I...

23 June 2016
Medical Questions


I underwent a tympanoplasty (repair of ear drum perforation) and mastoidectomy (removal of infection from the bone behind the ear) surgery 4 weeks ago. When...

11 June 2016
Medical Questions

Raynaud’s Syndrome

I've recently been diagnosed with Raynaud's Syndrome. I'm an avid diver. Can I continue diving?Answer from DAN experts: Raynaud's Syndrome decreases effective blood flow to the...

06 June 2016

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