Add A Measure of Thought

In DAN Training, we have often heard from participants involved in an incident that they wished they had taken the extra few minutes to check...

15 July 2010


Though these beasties are mostly products of vivid imaginations, the sea is filled with amazing creatures. Some are so large as to inspire terror but...

15 July 2010


What Are Profile Data Banks?Profile Data Banks are extended collections of dive profiles with conditions and outcomes. To validate tables, meters, and software within any...

15 July 2010

Impromptu Weighting

The Diver The diver is a healthy older gentleman enjoying his retirement by touring the country in his motor home and diving in various dive sites.The...

15 July 2010

Body Composition

Body Composition: Assessment and Interpretation Body composition has great practical and functional significance for many of us: scientists, clinicians and the general population. It can be...

15 April 2010

Are You Ready?

The motivation for most scuba diving neophytes varies. Some seek the adventure, others look to connect with marine life, and still others might want to...

15 April 2010

Test Your Knowledge

INCIDENT 1The Diver This 42-year-old man has been a certified diver since 1992. In that time, he made more than 80 dives, completing 11 over the...

15 April 2010

Underwater “Hot Flash”

I received a call one evening from a 51-year-old female medical professional. She had contacted Divers Alert Network for advice regarding an anxiety or paniclike...

15 April 2010

Attention to Detail

While on a recent training excursion to Mexico, I ran into an old friend from Ohio. It had been more than 25 years since we...

15 January 2010

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