Keeping It Clean

We can all agree that, before a dive, clean ear canals with normally equalizing middle ears is ideal. But what about the ears that need...

15 April 2009


Dear DAN Europe Members,Continuing in our effort to ever improve our relationship with our Members and to favour a more direct contact with the members...

15 April 2009

Painful Memories

Q: I get a headache about 10-15 minutes into my dive. It lasts throughout my dive but disappears within a few minutes of surfacing. What...

15 April 2009

Sleuthing to find the disease

In diagnosing decompression illness (DCI), we rely heavily on the various elements of the diver's history and the clinical exam. This is especially true when...

15 April 2009

The ‘P’ Phenomenon

"James Crook of Long Acre, had dropsy, jaundice, palsy, rheumatism, and an inveterate pain in his back. In three immersions, the swelling of his legs...

15 January 2009

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