Inner to Outer Space

From where should NASA or the private industry select their next generation of astronauts? They need individuals with a thirst for adventure, meticulous attention to...

15 October 2010

On-Site Neuro Assessment

Approximately two-thirds of divers with decompression illness have evidence of an injury to the nervous system. These signs are often vague and can go unrecognized...

15 October 2010

Safety Is Good For Business

Generally, DAN Members understand the important services DAN gives its divers - providing medical information and assistance, researching why divers get hurt and finding ways...

15 October 2010

Danger on Deck

It often seems that diving and boating are inseparable. No matter how great the shore diving may be, divers always seem to be drawn offshore...

15 October 2010

Double Trouble

The DiverThis 43-year-old male is a divemaster with additional diving specialty certifications. He is in good physical shape with no significant medical history and no...

15 July 2010

Travel notes

Destination Croatia (Plomin Luka), Rebreather Project, replication of a dive (duration and depth) performed in a hyperbaric chamber.The project originates in collaboration with HBT-Voyager and...

15 July 2010

Oh, My Aching Back!

You’re in good company. From time to time, you and I - and maybe 70 percent of the adult population - complain of back pain....

15 July 2010

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