Flying After Diving

In 1989, DAN participated in the first flying after diving (FAD) workshop. It was sponsored by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society and reported on...

15 July 2009

Hits Happen

Remember Harold Kushner's 1980s bestseller, When Bad Things Happen to Good People? This inspiring book explored why ordinary people - ourselves and people around us...

15 July 2009

Differential Diagnosis

The Diver This is a 51-year-old female who is in good health. In the past year, she had two vertebrae in her neck (cervical vertebrae 5...

15 July 2009

Scuba Diving and Dental Implants

More people are electing to have failing or missing teeth replaced by dental implants. Traditional solutions for missing teeth include these types of implants: bridges,...

15 July 2009

Diabetes and Diving

Diabetes is a disease in which the body is not able to produce or effectively respond to insulin, a hormone that is required to use...

15 July 2009

Fitness and Diving

Fitness and diving; fitness for diving; fitness in diving; fitness to dive. As divers we've heard these expressions in our training classes, in dive publications...

15 April 2009

Plastic Surgery & Diving

This article only summarizes these procedures. Besides the risks given for each, other potential complications include bleeding, reaction to the anesthetic and infection. Patients should...

15 April 2009

Keeping It Clean

We can all agree that, before a dive, clean ear canals with normally equalizing middle ears is ideal. But what about the ears that need...

15 April 2009


Dear DAN Europe Members,Continuing in our effort to ever improve our relationship with our Members and to favour a more direct contact with the members...

15 April 2009

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