Weighty Problems

Probably one of the most despised pieces of equipment that a diver has to don is the weight belt. Traditional weight belts consisting of a...

15 January 2010

Neuro Hit

The Diver The diver is an advanced open-water diver with additional training in enriched air diving. He is 35 years old, is in good general health...

15 January 2010

Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy

Treatment by hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) happens when close to 100 percent oxygen is administered at an increased pressure (typically two to three times that...

15 October 2009

Relieving the Pressure

You’ve just completed your last dive of the day, and as you’re packing your gear you notice a twinge in your shoulder. Recalling that the...

15 October 2009

Listen to What Your Body Tells You

My daughter suffers from an occasional migraine. As a precursor to one of these "knock-her-off-her-feet" headaches, she starts to see "black splotches." She knows that...

15 October 2009

Neurological DCI

The DiverThe diver is a 27-year-old female scuba instructor who has been certified for four years. A technical diver, she has made more than 250...

15 October 2009

A Cause for Concern

After major surgery, you should not resume diving until you can exercise safely. Warm weather is here in the Northern Hemisphere, and many of us...

15 October 2009

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